We Recycle

  • 1. Pet Bottles

  • 2. Polyproplene Bag and Containers

  • 3. HDPE Bag and Containers

  • 4. Raffia and Non vowen fabrics
  • 5. Polyester Multi laminated bags
  • 6. Pouches, Oil pouches and Ghee Pouches.
  • 7. Printed polyster multi laminated bags and wrapper (MLP).
  • 8. LDPE films and bags ( Printed ) .

We manufacture high grade plastic recycling granules and chips for various industries

HDPE Recycled Granules

PVC Recycled Granules

Pet Flakes & Granules

PP Recycled Granules

We have high quality and high production machine imported from taiwan

Plastic granules making machine

Plastic grinder machine

Plastic washing machine

We keep an R & D on regular basis.

We have latest recycling machines imported from taiwan in which we can make the best quality recycled plastic granules of all grades.

Our existing coustomers are very happy with our products.